My friend and I got to the Food Innovation Center's Time to Market local food showcase, where students enrolled in Portland Community College's 13-week "Getting Your Recipe to Market" program pimp their goods, at 7:30 pm last Tuesday and let's just say that things were already cooking, literally. I can't tell you exactly how warm it was in the large second floor room of the Food Innovation Center where the event was held, but imagine a steam room filled strong smelling foods and burbling crockpots, toaster ovens, and hot plates. Yep, that toasty. About 10 minutes after we arrived all of those already mentioned electrical appliances used to warm food samples blew a fuse and one line of the fluorescents lighting the whole shebang went out. The feeding frenzy didn't miss a beat and we certainly didn't stop shoveling tiny plastic spoons filled with samples of everything from local fish stock, marinated meats, and finger millet noodles (yes, there is such a thing) into our mouths.more I'm not picking favorites, but here are some snapshots of some of the program's students and their showcased foods...

Polly J. Wilson's fiery, smoked pepper Hell Dust was the first thing we tried and it was great. She served samples of dry rubbed pork, tofu pate and cream cheese spread with it.

Hazelnut cream buckeyes from the Voracious Herbivore.

Voracious Herbivore's dairy-free, wheat-free dark chocolate + hazelnut butter goodness.

Vine to Brine had all sorts of tasty samples including a kick ass caramelized fennel and onion relish.

Vine to Brine's sweet pickled onions.

Linda Chaplik's Oh, Goodness! gluten-free brownies. Her peppermint chocolate brownies were my favorite.


6th Grain's finger millet noodles were good but hard to eat with your fingers. IMG_3222

In case you don't know what finger millet is, it's smaller than traditional millet.

Lauren's Quinoa Cakes were simple and good.
IMG_3225 The room at 7:30 pm.
Wish I had a close-up of sweaty brows. It wasn't just the food that cooked...