"the official festival of the City of Portland,"
The City of Portland will minimize or eliminate fees paid by the festival to Portland Police and the Parks Bureau,
"plant themselves and bloom here."
The resolution has no direct fiscal impact. In terms of the City's fiscal relationship with the Rose Festival, the Police Bureau, Bureau of Transportation, Parks Bureau, and Revenue Bureau have all identified some level of fiscal impact from past Rose Festivals. The Police Bureau absorbs approximately $150,000 each year in unreimbursed overtime for Rose Festival security and traffic control. Last year, Rose Festival overtime was $139,700. The Parks Bureau provides the Rose Festival a direct subsidy of $85,000 to offset the rental fee for Waterfront Park. The Rose Festival Association also pays the City $1 annually for rent of the former McCall's building in Waterfront Park for Festival HQ. The FY 2009-10 Adopted Budget awarded $43,600 of General Fund dollars to offset lost revenue in the Parks Bureau for the McCall's building, and included the same amount in the FY 2010-11 and 2011-12 budgets. The Revenue Bureau receives $6,900 in permit fees from the festival (no subsidies are given).
"minimize or eliminate" all fees paid by the Rose Festival
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