New York choreographer Doug Elkins creates a joyful, jaw-dropping remix of The Sound of Music, setting everything from ballet to b-boy moves to the original Rodgers & Hammerstein
film score in his truly exceptional work Fraulein Maria.
That means there's one more night to see it
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Fraulein Maria cleverly deconstructs the Von Trapp legend without killing the spirit that has made it a classic for five decades: Lisel is now a crotch-smelling 6'1" red-headed man in a pink dress
There are three Marias, one played by a Puerto Rican guy, all in turns spunky, demure and terrified.
Doug Elkins & Friends' Fraulein Maria at Portland's Newmark Theatre 1
Elkins rightly explains that it's a "remix," using the example of Jay-Z sampling "Hard Knock Life" from the musical Annie to illuminate ghetto life to explain his own mindset.
Mary Poppins
Regardless of the thought process behind the work, what comes through most clearly on the floor is a sense of happiness and delight in the act of dancing itself.
Doug Elkins & Friends' Fraulein Maria at Portland's Newmark Theatre 3
Fraulein Maria
IMAGES: Photos by Chris Roesing/Doug Elkins & Friends'
Top photo: John Sorenson-Jolink, Therman Christopher as Lisel and Rolf in the Thursday, Jan. 13 performance of
at Portland's Newmark Theatre. Middle photo: Cori Marquis, Donnell Oakley, Joshua Palmer, Kellie Ann Lynch in "Do-Re-Me." Bottom photo: "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" performed by Deborah Lohse, Hilary Brown, John Sorensen-Jolink.