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Kulongoski on John Kitzhaber


Gov. Ted Kulongoski has had a strained relationship over the past few years with John Kitzhaber, the fellow Democrat who preceded him as governor and will succeed him on Jan. 10, although the two, who were close during Kitzhaber's two previous gubernatorial terms from 1995 to 2003 have now resolved their differences.

Many years ago, Kulongoski commented on how the difference between him and Kitzhaber was that he, Kulongoski, liked people.

In 2006, Kitzhaber considered taking on Kulongoski, who was running for re-election. More recently, Kulongoski has ordered an investigation into the contracting policies of the state Department of Energy, an inquiry brought about because of questions about Kitzhaber's companion, Cylvia Hayes, a consultant whose business depends upon government contracts.

In this video clip below (a fuller version of our interview with Kulongoski can be found in this week's print version of WW), the departing governor talks about Kitzhaber and, in his own gentlemanly way, takes a swipe at him for not listening to people who disagree with him.

Here are links to earlier video excerpts—one where the governor talks about prisons, another where he discusses Iraq, a third where he talks about how the Goldschmidt scandal affected Kulongoski's plans for higher education, another in which he discusses losing his mentor, one in which he discusses the outsized power in this state of public employee unions, another in which he discusses why the Goldshmidt scandal made him think twice about running for reelection in 2006, and another in which he talks about the Oregon and the absence of a defense economy.
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