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Who's Giving In the Tax Measure Battles


The one part of the Oregon economy that's looking healthy these days is the campaign business. While there are only two measures on the ballot, unions and big business are shelling out like it's 1999 again (or some other year when we were not an economic basket case).

Common Cause Oregon has thoughtfully provided data on who's giving to both the proponents of Measures 66 and 67, which would raise personal and corporate income taxes; and who's giving to the opponents. Through Jan. 9, proponents had raised $4.27 million, outpacing opponents' $2.62 million.

Here's who's giving to the "yes" side. It's notable how few big individual donors there are and also notable that the political action committee of state Rep. Jules Bailey (D-Portland) has nosed out Dignity Village patron Leland Larson ($10,012 to $10,000) as the biggest individual donor.

Here are the top givers to the "yes" side:

"The Oregon Education Association and the National Education Association has contributed $1,657,494 with $4,461 coming as in-kind support from the national group. Oregon AFSCME Council 75 and its national affiliate AFSCME has given a total of $1,000,000. AFSCME stands for American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. Local 503 of Service Employees International Union, its national SEIU affiliate, and the SEIU State Council gave $866,247. PACs affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers have given $250,000," Common Cause's Janice Thompson writes.

On the "no" side, Common Cause has further documented a phenomenon WW noted recently: that a number of corporate givers are funneling unusually large donations into the Portland Business Alliance, which is in turn shoveling the money into the "no" side's coffers.

Here's Thompson's tally of the top givers on the "no" side: "The top contribution overall is $300,000 from the Oregon Local Grocery PAC. The Associated General Contractors of America and its affiliated PAC, Building a Better Oregon, have given $228,360. The Automobile Dealers Association has given $200,000. The associations and affiliated PACs of the Associated Oregon Industries and Portland Business Alliance have contributed $176,280 and $121,065."
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