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From: Tom Imeson Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 8:59 PM Subject: MESSAGE FROM GOVERNOR-ELECT KITZHABER Tomorrow morning, Governor-Elect John Kitzhaber will announce the formation of several new transition work groups. He will also release the list of agency director whose resignations he is requesting. Because your agency is included in this list, he has asked me to relay the following message to you. Please let me know if you have any questions. MESSAGE FROM GOVERNOR-ELECT JOHN KITZHABER "As you know, I have stated that I intend to request letters of resignations from certain agency directors prior to taking office on January 10. My purpose is to insure that the State is led by a team that shares a common commitment to transforming Oregon government, with increased efficiency, productivity, transparency and accountability of state agencies and programs through outcomes-based management. I have not made decisions about which resignations will be accepted. Those decisions will be made by February 10, during which time I will have the opportunity to meet with you and others to discuss priorities. My intention is to use this process in a positive way, to insure that individual agency directors and I share a common agenda, and that you get the opportunity to affirmatively sign up for continued state service. You will note that the list does not include all state agencies or programs. Rather, it represents my immediate priorities for achieving a new compact for agency leaders. Over time, my goal is to have in place agreements with all state agency heads, whether they report directly to the Governor or to boards and commissions. These agreements will focus on the outcomes we will work to achieve on behalf of Oregonians, and the tools agency heads will have to achieve those outcomes." The following agencies are included in this request: Administrative Services Agriculture Business Development Department Corrections Consumer & Business Services Energy Environmental Quality Fish & Wildlife Forestry Health Authority Housing/Community Services Human Services Land Conservation & Development OLCC Lottery Oregon University System Parks & Recreation PERS Oregon State Police Revenue Transportation Water Resources OWEB Oregon Youth Authority