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Willamette Geek: Gifts for the Foodie Geek Part 2

The gearing-up for the holidays continues with Part 2 of Willamette Geek's guide to true kitchen geekdom. In this installment, we focus on another measurement tool and an ingredient that you'll wonder how you got along without:

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Scale

$25 on Amazon

While everyone has a (typically incomplete) set of measuring scoops in their kitchen, not enough folks value the obsessive/compulsive accuracy made available by a quality kitchen scale. Primarily aimed at dieters looking to control portion sizes, the EatSmart sports an 11-pound capacity and is accurate to within .05 of an ounce. When baking your Millenium Falcon groom's cake, you'll want all the precision you can get.

Activa RM Meat Glue

$89.09 for a 2.2-pound bag on Amazon

From Ajinomoto, the fine folks who gave the world MSG, Activa is the most fun you'll ever have with transglutaminase, the enzyme that helps in the development of cellular structures of blood clots, hair, skin and processed luncheon meat. Ever wanted to permanently bond a ring of bacon to a beef medallion without aid of a toothpick? Just sprinkle some meat glue on it, let it set and try and convince your dimmer relatives that you have exclusive access to a hybridized pig-cow farm. Make your own "krab" with a "k" at home using real crab for the most confusing meal of your life! Sure, it's pricey, but the value of being able to give the holiday turkey six drumsticks is limitless.
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