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The Case Against Extending The Bush Tax Cuts

David Cay Johnston

Before he retired from The New York Times in 2008, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter David Cay Johnston (above) spent nearly enough time here reporting on Texas Pacific and other utility matters to be considered an honorary Oregonian.

Johnston, also a best-selling author, continues to write about his specialty—taxes—and the many ways that wealthy individuals and large corporations game the system.

In a post today at, Johnston analyzes the choices facing President Obama as he considers how to address expiring, Bush-era
income tax breaks:
Will President Obama cave on yet another of his campaign promises, this time by giving in to Republican demands to extend all of the temporary Bush tax cuts? The president signaled this on his Asia trip when he said his principal concern was retaining the middle-income tax rates.

Republican congressional leaders have said they will let all of the Bush tax cuts expire unless the president bows to their demand that the top 3 percent of Americans be included in any tax cut extension.

Obama should call their bluff.

(Photo courtesy of David Cay Johnston)
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