RatsPacNW, a Northwest pet rat club that encompasses British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Idaho seeks to promote rats as pets, through rat shows and educational events such as this one. This show will be open to the general public, for rat lovers and curious novices alike. Rat breeders and fanciers with years of experience will be on hand with displays and presentations on a variety of rat related topics such as general rat care, rat illnesses and first aid, inexpensive and creative toys and games for rats, rat genetics and breed standards and much more. Attendees may also make a rat ornament or even toys for the rodents in area shelters. There also will be a variety of rat merchandise available for purchase, for rats or their people.

For those wishing to adopt a highly socialized, adorable pet, breeders will have select litters and adult rats available for sale. There will be rescue rats available as well who desperately need a second chance at a happy home.

Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for children and children under 3 will be admitted free. In addition to the standards show, there will also be a pet class show, with categories such as "kissiest rat," "longest tail" and "best costume" which will be selected by popular vote.
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