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TASTE TEST: Big-Ass Thanksgiving Sandwich

Big Ass Thanksgiving Sandwich

If you want to have a Thanksgiving dinner, but you wish to avoid your family this holiday season, Portland's own Big-Ass Sandwich cart will help you out with that. Many have flocked to the popular downtown cart today, challenging themselves and each other to finish the brand new Big-Ass Thanksgiving sandwich—available today through Monday, Nov. 22, as well as Black Friday, Nov. 26.

"I've sold 17 of those things in about an hour," says Lisa Wood of the Big-Ass Sandwich cart. "It's f@*!ing ridiculous!"

The Big-Ass cart, on 3rd and Ash, has created a $9 Thanksgiving sandwich that successfully packs in all the dishes of the turkey day feast into one colossally tasty and festive amalgamation. At first sight, the foot-long wedge appears to be, quite simply, a mass of french fries crammed into a large roll—leading the potential consumer to consider whether or not they want a coronary this year. But when bitten into, the sandwich proves itself to be a whirlwind of Thanksgiving flavor in every bite.

The turkey and chunky sweet-potato and sausage stuffing hit you like a ton of bricks right off the bat, followed by a strong rosemary aftertaste—which only adds to the decadence of the consuming process. Then there's the housemade gravy and the fries. Big-Ass sandwich eaters will no doubt be surprised by the rogue walnuts hidden in the handheld feast.

While it has a surplus of almost all the ingredients you would get around the table at Thanksgiving, the Big-Ass Thanksgiving sandwich could use more cranberries. There are some in the stuffing, but the bright berry flavor is masked by the sheer weightiness of the other ingredients. Using a cranberry sauce or paste could solve this problem in the future.

Next year, maybe they'll find a way to incorporate pumpkin pie...
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