A Valerie Plame movie, for people who thought that Decemberists song didn't go on long enough.

Fair Game

WW Critic's Score: 7

More left-wing celebrity grandstanding from studio Participant Media, Fair Game is a tribute to compromised CIA officer Valerie Plame and her diplomat husband Joe Wilson. They are played by Naomi Watts and Sean Penn as weepy victims of the Bush administration's march to war. Time to haul out that news footage of George and the gang, so that Sean Penn can scowl at the television and "Milk" the political glamour for all it's worth. It's not worth much. The movie is ridiculous and elitist, reducing the war to one Beltway couple screwing over another. Scooter Libby and Karl Rove are the evil couple who smirk; Plame and Wilson are the indignant couple who shout. The official who actually blew Plame's cover is nowhere to be seen. Is it because he, too, opposed the administration? Maybe this is Plame's Hollywood revenge: you're either with her or against her. Director Doug Liman favors globe-hopping plots and bland staging. He shows the Wilsons arguing in front of their innocent children, so as to justify a triumphant lecture circuit. "Mr. Wilson!" shouts an admirer. "Mr. Wilson! We came all the way from Portland!" The next sound you hear will be that of about seven moviegoers cooing in unison, as their egos – both regional and partisan – are ruthlessly tickled. PG-13.

Opened Friday at Fox Tower Stadium 10.