November 6th, 2010 5:33 pm | by BRIAN PANGANIBAN News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Tech

Willamette Geek: Whither the Withering BlackBerry?

Research In Motion can't seem to catch a break. After suffering a broadside from Steve Jobs during Apple's quarterly report last month, the BlackBerry developer got a one-two punch of major defections from some very prominent clients. BusinessWeek is reporting that both Bank of America and Citigroup are currently testing the feasibility of letting their employees switch out their BlackBerrys for iPhones. While no announcements have been made, just the possibility that such corporate giants are floating the idea is adding to the increasingly common narrative that the BlackBerry's dominance of enterprise messaging has long peaked.

Less surprising, but no less troubling for BlackBerry's fate, is the Wall Street Journal's report that Dell, now a licensee and producer of Windows Phone 7 devices, has announced it will move all 25,000 of its employees from BlackBerrys over to their home-grown Venue Pro WP7 smartphone. The computer maker will also provide services for other large companies to do the same.
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