A 2010 mixtape designed to keep your ass moving well into 2011.

Hear almost all of these songs right here!

Janelle Monáe ft. Big Boi, "Tightrope"
The best retro-funk R&B dance song since "Hey Ya!"

Here We Go Magic, "Collector"
It sounds like the Talking Heads on speed.

Twin Sister, "Lady Daydream"
Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" for the chillwave set.

Kanye West, "Power"
Put your rare prog-rock records on eBay now!

No Age, "Glitter"
Answers that age-old question: "What if Hüsker Dü made an ambient record?"

Pure Country Gold, "King Kong Muthfucking King Kong"
Still duking it out with the Mean Jeans for Portland's most fun punk band.

Sleigh Bells, "Rill Rill"
The perfect jump-rope singalong for people of drinking age.

Ratatat, "Bilar"
Ratatat sounds better than ever making grown folks' dance music.

Women, "Eyesore"
A tension-filled, anxious guitar jam that would make the Joggers proud.

Real Estate, "Out of Tune"
The best song to come out of New Jersey this year (sorry, Bruce).

Rob Swift, "Rabia," Movements 1-3
Yes, classical music is cool again. We have Rob Swift to thank.

Gorillaz, "On Melancholy Hill"
The best Blur song since Graham Coxon left the band.

Ariel Pink, "Round and Round"
For once, Pitchfork actually got it right.

Budos Band, "River Serpentine"
Daptone Records can do no wrong, and we really wanna go to Egypt.

The-Dream, "Love King"
The-Dream has hos in different area codes.

Ted Leo, "Bottled in Cork"
A drinking anthem for the next decade.

Soul P, "Heart of a Lion"
If Portland hip-hop had a fight song, this would be it.

Lovers, "Don't You Want It"
Lovesick dance jams are sooo 2010.

Shad, "Keep Shining"
Who knew dissecting hip-hop's gender biases could be this fun?

Devin the Dude, "What I Be On"
America's favorite weed rapper assures us his drug use is purely recreational.

Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream"
Anyone who says they don't like this song is a filthy liar.