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Introducing Big Pretty

Big PrettyAre you bummed that the Strokes haven't dropped a new album in four years? I know that Brian Park isn't too happy about it. Park, the frontman for jangle rock band Blue Horns, spent most of his summer cooking up a batch of "noisy, surfy, glam punk songs" that sound alarmingly like New York's favorite band circa 2002, and tonight marks the debut of said project, which he's calling Big Pretty. The band—which features Parks on guitar and vocals, plus Steve Jaques on keyboards and a handy drum machine—plays its first show tonight at Bunk Bar, but Park was nice enough to send along an early version of the new song "Oh You Dirty Thing." It definitely sounds like a demo, but you can hear a lot of promise here—clean it up a bit and the chugging guitars and wobbly vocals would fit right in on, like, KNRK.

Download audio file (dirtything.mp3)

Big Pretty plays tonight at Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water Ave. 10 pm. Free. 21+.

Big Pretty
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