After operating in the same inner Northeast Portland spot for 74 years, The Mountain Shop is moving a little farther east—to NE 37th Ave. and Sandy Boulevard on March 1.

Store owner David Pietka listed multiple reasons for the Mountain Shop's move from its longtime location on NE 7th Ave. and Broadway.

Available parking in its current home has diminished, he says, and street parking meters added last summer haven't made it easier for customers. Store manager Jeremy Ruper says customers often must leave the store during a fitting to add more money to the meter. The new shop, however, will have free parking across the street.

Other benefits to the new location listed by Pietka include lower rent and having one level rather than the three split-levels at the Broadway store. Pietka and the shop's four managers also plan to use their new store to put more emphasis on the rental department and holding more community-based events, as well as devoting more time to the website.

"The move will help free up some resources to do more," Ruper says.

The new location has its own history, starting as the Steigerwald Dairy in 1926 and also serving as home to a bowling alley and strip club.

The old Mountain Shop location will be open until mid-March, as each store department moves one-by-one to the new store.