Things just keep on getting worse for the all-ages music scene in Portland. Just a few months after Satyricon and Berbati's Pan—two local clubs that catered to the under-21 crowd in town—closed, word from The Artistery's Aaron Shepherd is that the all-ages music and art space will close for good in March. This one hurts. The Artistery has been staging shows in its basement for the last 10 years, never letting the fact that it's basically a glorified DIY house show get in the way of a killer show. I saw some of my most memorable performances in that basement—a Starfucker/Blitzen Trapper double bill in early 2008; numerous White Fang parties; a sparse A Weather set that almost brought me to tears—and I know a ton of kids who will be hurt by this. The Artistery is planning a week-long celebration for March, and we'll keep you updated with more info soon.

Friends of The Artistery,I really don't know how to write this. The Artistery has been a central part of my life for the past 8 years, so it is hard to describe what it's passing means in words, but I will try.The Artistery has been a steady member of the "All-Ages" or, more accurately, the "art-should-be-available-to-everyone" community since 2001 and will undoubtedly be missed. As George says, though, "All Things Must Pass". So, in the spirit of letting things go, we are announcing that The Artistery will be closing its doors in March 2011. In short, the development company who owned 4303 and 4315 SE Division sold the properties last week to a much larger developer who has plans to level the property. The Artistery will not be looking for a new location. It was a tough decision to make, but we feel as though The Artistery has run its course, and now it is time to make way for new and fresh ideas within the All-Ages community. While The Biz Records & Tapes looks for a new home we will have some of our inventory available at Red Fox Vintage on 3014 NE Killingsworth.Though we knew the day would eventually come, we had no idea we would be given such short notice. We are taking rapid steps to wrap-up business around here, but wanted to take the time to address all of you first and foremost. We are currently planning on having a week-long celebration in the second week of March. We ask you to stay tuned for more details in hopes that you will join us then.I feel incredibly thankful to have been able to form relationships with so many amazing people as well as being able to host events involving the most brilliant and influential artists in Portland for the past 8 years.Thank you.Love,Aaron