There's a certain kind of overwhelming envy that you experience toward that guy on the vintage motorcycle. Such a sight tends to evoke a man’s inner desire to quit his day job, leave his family, and become a land pirate for the rest of his days. (I'm assuming the same desire strikes many a woman.) If you haven’t caught the two-wheeled bug yet, perhaps you need to visit The One Motorcycle Show on Saturday, Feb. 5.

The show, open to the public, features more than 50 vintage and modern custom motorcycles—many designed and built by Portland, Seattle and other Northwestern builders and shops. But it's not just about putting motorcycles on display, but showing off bikes that are one-of-a-kind in design. The show is clearly meant to make attendees salivate over their favorite choppers, but also to let the builders explain their own histories and how their personalities came into play while constructing their custom creations. 

“Funny thing about motorcycles, when you get one, you want two. When you get two, you want 10. Then one day you have 10 motorcycles and you start to think about how to combine all the bikes into one bike,” explains show organizer and Portlander Thor Drake.

In addition to the mechanical masterpieces, the event also features an art exhibit of pictures, paintings, and drawings of bike concepts that have perhaps not yet been built. Included in the show will be a contest to see who can tell the best story (truth or fiction), so long as it involves two wheels and an engine. Also, the show will premiere WE R WINNING a documentary by Todd Blubaugh about motorcycle shops in the Northwest. And last but not least, the book The One Motorcycle, a photo compilation of the custom Northwest moto projects (motorcycle porn) featured in last year’s show, will be sold for $45 at the event. 
GO: The One Motorcycle Show takes place at 611 N Tillamook St. 5 pm-1 am Saturday, Feb. 1. Admission is free.