Typhoon's Devin Gallagher was moved, while touring California, to write a short poem for us from the road. We thought it post-worthy as a Typhoon tour diary, and have asked him to keep them coming. -Casey

sigourney's hairy sweat-cake leg, yellow-white
three day tshirt pack of cigarettes.
beauty found dead: synthesized, packaged, and landfill.
like burger sandwich in and out, the smallest adults
ever-born to thick syrupy heaven
served up in whipped-cream styrofoam dollops-
(origins of light! and so much light!)
surreal lobby sit, variety pack smiles
big as tires, my face: greasy, small, bight eyes.
here is where gabriel waits to drown his horns in
the traffic's flow- a warning: there will be no warning.
and next, ragged late night hollywood intrusion,
my orphaned rip-jeaned school spirit, class of '11.
like at night look out over the whole city and it really does
burn- plant smoke, dried plants.
david lynch your house is so beautiful.
like vomit-
your life in your hands spray-painted gold.