Anybody who has ever wondered about the identity of an anonymous blog commenter will enjoy the current edition [PDF] of the NW Examiner, the scrappy neighborhood paper that covers Northwest Portland.

The Examiner's Allan Classen and Mike Ryerson figured out that a Portland real estate executive named Brian Owendoff was making nice to Mayor Sam Adams in public and then using the veil of anonymity to slam him online—and doing the same to Examiner Editor and Publisher Classen. Here's what they found:

When Brian Owendoff introduced Mayor Sam Adams to speak at a Portland Business Alliance luncheon last month, he offered the usual courtesies. Owendoff, who is area manager of C.B. Richard Ellis real estate and hosts the PBA’s Public Policy Committee, knows how to act in public.He has also, apparently, learned when to keep his hardedged thoughts to himself … and the thousands of people reading OregonLive and other blogs. Using the screen name ForestHeightster (which was changed  to Acta Non Verba or ActionNotWords after he learned the Examiner was following his postings), the 42-year-old commercial real estate magnate has offered less charitable opinions of the Portland mayor. “Sam has no integrity,” Owendoff wrote under a pseudonym on OregonLive Sept. 16. Sam has no fiscal responsibility. Sam will go down as a one-term mayor and among the weakest leaders the Rose City has ever seen. He will be pumping gas at the Chevron at 19th[sic] and Burnside before 2011.”