From Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter: 

 "Y! Sources: Western Conference All-Star reserves: T. Duncan, P. Gasol, R. Westbrook, B. Griffin, M. Ginobili, D. Nowitzki, and D. Williams." 

 LaMarcus' lack of inclusion would be a pretty big bummer for Blazer fans. We'll have a definitive answer in minutes. 

If it takes some soap opera drama to get you interested in LaMarcus' plight, you might want to read this. 

Wojnarowski is also reporting the following (also via Twitter): 

"Phoenix's Steve Nash is a strong favorite to replace the injured Yao Ming on the Western Conference roster, sources told Y! Sports." 


Wojnarowski has been wrong before (just as I've been wrong in spelling his last name many times). Yao's replacement will be appointed by NBA Commissioner David Stern (not sure when that announcement is due to be made). In the past he has picked guys like David Lee, Josh Howard and Chris Kaman.

UPDATE (bits and pieces):

TNT is about to announce the official list, but right now it's just Charles Barkley trying on headphones.

They say...
Dirk, Pau, Deron...jeez, the Woj is right...Russell, Blake (hard to vote against Blake, given the rookie season he has had) and Tim Duncan. No LaMarcus.

Barkley: "Kevin Love not making the all-star game is a can talk all the crap you want to about guys being on a good team or a bad team...he gets 15 rebounds a game."

The Blazers are reporting that David Stern has not given a timetable for when he will announce his replacement pick. So we'll wait.