Workers at two of the at-risk and homeless programs run by Janus Youth Programs hit the streets today to protest.

Laura Taylor, a 24-year-old employee of Harry's Mother, a runaway shelter for young people, says the non-profit Janus is trying to force employees to accept contract changes that would replace their peer review panel with mandatory arbitration in contested employee firings. The current panel consists of two supervisors and three employees who democratically review those firings, protesters said. And employees say they are protesting for their right to keep the peer review panel because it's more open and fair.

"Employee Review, it's the fair thing to do!" shouted 11 protesters from Harry's Mother, Streetlight/Porchlight Youth Shelter, as well as members of the International Industrial Workers of the World.

Jonathan Demaree, a 30-year-old employee of Streetlight/Porchlight, says management "won't increase our wages unless we agree to mandatory arbitration." 

Janus operates over 20 different homeless and at-risk youth programs in Oregon and Washington.

Dennis Morrow, executive director for Janus Youth Programs, was out of the office today and nobody else at Janus would comment about today's demonstration.