It's hard to choose between chunky drinks and jelly ones. Harder yet to even consider downing a "White Fugus Bird's Nest" (Wonderfarm). Thankfully, Portland's got a trio of dudes who don't scare easily when it comes to liquid long as they're non-alcoholic.

Thirsty Dudes is a new local site started by three straight edge guys who love binge drinking.They rate their experiences with various cans on a scale of one to five and say a little bit about the beverage, which usually turns into an airing of grievances that has nothing to do with the drink in hand (recently, thirstydude Jason Draper went off about the shittiness of a Texas Tea brand's plastic bottle and how it would hold up in the Ghostbusters' containment unit.)

The dudes welcome dares to drink anything, from Jarritos to Odwalla to a bright orange yogurt drink with Indian spices in it. Just no booze, which kind of makes us think, can we trust these guys?