Remember that contest that Ground Kontrol won last June? Well, they're just about ready to SHOW US THE MONEY!

Actually, they're about ready to show us the newly remodeled Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade space, an overhaul that bought them new games, expanded floor space and a superfly-sounding TRON theme. And a 3D cybersex room.

Okay, no cybersex room. And no word yet on the constant fog machine/strobe light combo we asked for. But we'll take a bunch of new games and a less disgusting men's room. Plus, they'll soon have liquor. And then I'll just move in. I can sleep on the DDR dancepad. I won't make any trouble, I promise.

Ground Kontrol is down on 5th and Couch, in case you are a horrible Portlander and have never been there.