Citing the huge time commitment that service on the Portland School Board has meant for him and his family, two-term member David Wynde announced he will not seek re-election this May.

Wynde, who voted last December against the closure of Marshall High School, is the only incumbent among four board members facing re-election to announce he won't run again. (Board members Bobbie Regan and Ruth Adkins have both filed (PDF) to run again (PDF). Board member Dilafruz Williams has not yet filed and not said what her intentions are.)

Matthew Morton, deputy director of the National Indian Child Welfare Association, is the only candidate to have filed (PDF) for the seat now held by Wynde representing inner eastside Portland.

Here's the email Wynde sent out last night:

I am not running for a third term on the Portland school board.   My tenure on the board will end on June 30.   I have reached this decision after considerable thought and after talking it over with my family. I continue to believe that the investment we make in our public schools is the most important investment we make as a community.   I am still deeply committed to ensuring that we have a system that ensures that every studentgets the education they deserve, regardless of their race, their family income, or the zip code of their address.I have great respect for Carole Smith and I’m confident that she is leading the district in the right way and in the right direction. But serving on the school board requires an extraordinary commitment of time, energy and attention, which has meant considerable personal andprofessional sacrifice over the past eight years. I made that commitmentwillingly and have no regrets about having done so.   Now I owe it to my family to let someone else assume this responsibility. I want to thank my wife, Sharon, and my daughters, Kendall and Sophie, for their love and support over the past eight years.   I look forward to more time with them – and hopefully they will be happy about that too.Serving on the board has been the most rewarding and the most challenging professional experience of my life.   I am grateful for the opportunity to have served.   I’m proud of what we have accomplished in the past eight years.   There is still much work to be done to ensure that we provide every student in PPS with the education they deserve.We have a lot of tough choices to make in the next few months.   I will be  focused on: ·         helping to develop and approve a budget for 2011-12 that - within the resources available to us - is fair to all students, that funds effective programs and that ensures we operate the district efficiently; ·         passage of the capital bond to ensure that our schools are safe and up-to-date;·         renewal of the local option levy to save 200 teaching jobs; and ·         several other key matters that we are likely to consider beforeJune 30.