February 21st, 2011 12:50 pm | by TIFFANY STUBBERT News | Posted In: Sports, Health

A Troubling Update on a Football Story


A couple weeks ago, WW ran this piece before the Super Bowl about former NFL players living in the Northwest who are fighting for health benefits to cover their severe post-career injuries.

One of the more serious concerns expressed by those ex-players and many others is over a relatively unstudied disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. C.T.E. is a degenerative disease similar to dementia and until recently it was associated as a health risk of boxing, not football. The disease is now showing up in increasing numbers of football retirees who are being diagnosed with memory-related problems.

We recite all this because of last week's suicide of former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson. Duerson, 50, shot himself in the chest last Thursday so that his brain could be intact and donated to researchers for examination of signs of C.T.E. Duerson served on a six-person panel that dealt with retired players' health and disability claims.

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