U.S. Rep. David Wu went on ABC's Good Morning America for an interview this morning to take specific questions for the first time about his erratic behavior in the final days of the 2010 campaign.

After explaining last fall "was a very difficult time" for him, the Oregon Democrat said he sought both counseling and medication then and continues to do so.

"I did some things, said some things I sincerely regret now," said Wu, a seven-term congressman. "I sought appropriate help at the time and I continue to do that.'

Wu acknowledged that he sent the photos last October of himself in a tiger costume along with a bizarre string of late-night emails to his staff that WW first detailed last Friday afternoon at wweek.com.

"They were very, very unprofessional," Wu said of the photos and emails. "You shouldn't ever send photos of yourself in a Halloween costume."  Asked whether he can assure constituents he won't "crack again," Wu said he can still do the job.

"I emphatically can do that job," Wu said, adding that he's now able to take care of his 88-year-old mother and his two children as a single father." I am doing that job."

"I'm in a good place now," Wu said.