There's nothing really egregious about this alley, between two buildings on Southeast Foster Road at 66th Avenue. This part of the city is full of narrow, muddy, unpaved alleys leading nowhere in particular. But this particular alley is the scene of a crime. No, not the tagging—that's just asshattery. What happened here is far worse.

In 1999, an artists named Becky Bristol painted a pair of murals depicting the history of the area in this alley. They weren't masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, but they provided some color in a neighborhood of shutter storefronts and businesses so mysterious I always assume they're drug fronts. The Foster-Powell neighborhood association has been struggling for years to make the area a little more pleasant, with scant help from the city, and this was part of that effort. Over the years the mural was vandalized by local idiots, but never so badly that it was beyond repair. This winter, though, someone decided the mural wasn't worth saving, and painted the whole alley a depressing dog-shit brown. Way to go, person. If there's one thing Foster needs, it's more dog shit.

Here's the mural (photos by RACC)