Last month, Mayor Sam Adams announced a delay of a decision on whether Portland would re-join the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force on the eve of a Feb. 24 City Council hearing to consider the question.

Turns out the new date for a council decision on March 10 and the release of a draft document for the council to consider will have to wait a little longer. Adams said today that a council decision will be postponed again to allow for more negotiation time with federal authorities.

"We're making progress," Adams said in a news release. "But because we are working with multiple federal agencies, headquartered in Washington, D.C., it's taking longer than expected. It's important that we give Portlanders the necessary time to review and react to our proposal."

And so, if there's a proposal ready by 3 pm, Tuesday, March 8, the March 10 hearing will go forward to present that proposal and to take public testimony in advance of a council vote that could come as soon as March 17. And if there's not a proposal ready for release by 3 pm on March 8, the March 10 hearing will be postponed.

Meantime, there's this rally scheduled for March 10 at 12:30 pm oustide City Hall to oppose rejoining the JTTF, a position we're familiar with.