and its entire staff. 

Ale House employees recently received three weeks' notice of termination and severance pay, but were advised they could reapply for their old jobs again following the renovations, a representative from BridgePort Brewing told WW in a statement. After reopening in mid-April, the Ale House will cease its lunchtime service, opening at 4 pm six days a week with a new menu featuring "old favorites and new standouts." 

"We were able to give the staff at the Ale House three weeks' notice along with a severance package, which is a rarity amongst hourly restaurant employees," the rep wrote. "We can't thank these employees enough for their hard work and the truth is, sometimes it becomes evident that a restaurant just needs a fresh start. [That] being said, we have informed the staff that we will give anyone who wished to reapply in April at the very least an interview in advance of anyone else who might apply."