I'm usually a big fan of when ESPN goes the documentary route and was intrigued by what I saw of the network's March Madness-timed film the other night on the "Fab Five."

For non-sports fans, the "Fab Five" was a group of University of Michigan freshmen in 1991 who many considered the greatest class of high school hoopsters ever recruited to one school. (They also deserve our fashion thanks for even us rec-league hoops hacks by popularizing the baggy-shorts look.)

I only saw the ESPN film on Sunday night through the bit where Michigan played Duke in a legendary regular-season game during the Fab Five's freshman year.

But it turns out that was the bit that's exploded into controversy today. To wit, ex-Fab Five member (and currently entertaining NBA analyst) Jalen Rose called Duke's African-American players "Uncle Toms." And ex-Dukie Grant Hill, who is African-American, didn't take kindly to that.

If you want a break from agonizing over your NCAA tournament brackets today, Hill's rejoinder is quite the incendiary read and one I suspect will be rehashed endless on sports radio for the next few cycles.