I have owned and operated SunBlaze Tanning for over 14 years, and since people keeping bring this subject up, I would like to write this about the proposed tanning tax: It is completely unfounded, ill-placed, and even malicious, that large Corporations like McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi etc. feed our people deadly poisons, engineered fats and sugars (HFCS) to state here only a few, and are not being held accountable or taking any kind of responsibility for the disease they spread, and this is only because these heathen's almost infinite amount of money to spend on lobbying our leaders, as compared to small family businesses such as Tanning Salons or Day Spas which cannot possibly compete with such boon-making, un-humanitarian financial mechanisms.

Also is it offensive to send a message to our people in the guise of a some kind of Sunshine tax, that they should cower from Sunlight as some kind of Mole People, but fail to protect them from the raping of their health and well being by these poisons, and allow our health care system to absorb the profound ill-effects and expenses of the deadly diseases these foods procure. Our Health care system is not in trouble because of unfortunate cancer rates, heart disease, care for our elders, even drug and alcohol abuse, or any other medical condition or disease, it is in trouble because of the DIET that is being fed to our people.

Is it truly possible that the American Medical Associations position is this: that people should avoid any kind of UV Sunlight exposure completely for 8 to 12 month's out of the year? I simply have to answer NO, because such a position would be so miss guided and completely reckless, rendering the entire fundamentals of the AMA as nothing more than a boon making farce. I even say this: that it would be completely reckless and malicious for such an association, which enamors itself with money and the guise of caring for our people's health to condemn exposure to Life Giving Sunlight and happiness, as while prescribing ton's of anti-depressant medications to every possible person who is unfortunate enough to believe that they need such rouge and dangerous tactics to achieve happiness.

And last I would like to write this: If it needs be that the Tanning Industry must pay a 10% Tax because of our leaders insolence and cowardice, and these moneys are used to provide health care to ALL American's, then I happily agree. There is no better place to spend money, most of all money which has been collected as Taxes, than on the health, happiness, and well-being of all of our people, for this is an investment in Humanity.

The success of a society cannot be measured by its wealth or its power, but rather on the quality of life and well-being of the least fortunate in that society.