Soul Music, the solo debut from Portland emcee/producer Tope, is essentially an album-long homage to the legends that have inspired the rapper formerly known as Anthony Anderson, from the artists he references in his lyrics to the samples. The track "Respect Fully" is the most direct tribute. Over a laid-back, piano-laced beat, Tope name drops everyone from Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield to Shuggie Otis and jazz organist Lonnie Smith.

Naturally, record covers feature prominently in this newly released video. But director Wordsmith JR takes the opportunity to transform the song into a tribute to Stumptown as well. We see Tope rolling through the streets, record stores and parking garages of the Rose City, in between smoking up in the recording studio. It ends up being a moving postcard for the stoned vinyl fanatic. Check it out: