WW reported Monday that yet another staffer had parted ways with U.S. Rep. David Wu as the seven-term congressman entered his ninth week in the national spotlight. Since January, the Democratic lawmaker from Oregon's 1st District has come under intense scrutiny for everything from his angry and inappropriate behavior toward staffers and constituents to his demeanor after he drove a rental car into a parked car in the opposite lane of traffic.

One note about Monday's report: WW wrote then that Erin Devaney's departure marked the eighth time a staffer had left one of Wu's congressional offices. The Oregonian, when it wrote about Devaney's quitting later Monday, wrote that she was the ninth person to leave. Devaney, for what it's worth, was Wu's scheduler and executive assistant.

The Oregonian was correct; Devaney was the ninth staffer to leave Wu since his re-election in November. But as far as we can tell no one has noted the departure of the staffer who left just before Devaney did. For the record, she is Mee Seon Pierce, a part-time employee who became a full-time staffer before she decided to leave.

Wu's spokesman, Erik Dorey, said her last day was March 9.