Ever get sick of waiting for that one single computer catalog in Powell's, while that old lady in front of you types one character a minute with her index fingers until you're consumed with anger and frustration and go on a novelty-notebook-destroying rampage, crushing locally-made bookmarks and expensive British chocolate bars in a Hulk-like rage? We've all been there.

Portland-based mobile app developer Spotlight Mobile has created a new iPhone app called Meridian to give turn-by-turn instructions for indoor navigation. Its first location is Powell's City of Books, leading lost shoppers through the vast metropolis of literature to the exact location of their objective. 

Local tech blog Silicon Florist took it for a spin the other night, and reports that it actually works. 

Never get embarrassed asking staff for directions to the young adult fantasy section again!

Download it here, if you're so inclined. It's free.