U.S. Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) yesterday sent a last-ditch plea to financial supporters in the hopes of reaching his fundraising goal by today's Federal Election Commission reporting deadline.

"Your support will tell the press and political pundits that I am a strong, resilient Democrat," the troubled congressman told potential donors in his March 30 email (excerpted below).

Dear Friend -With 24 hours to go, we're just $5,000 short of reaching our fundraising goal.It's absolutely critical that we have a strong showing in the first Federal Election Commission (FEC) quarterly fundraising deadline. We're so close to reaching our goal, and your generous contribution can help put us over the top.Will you help me by contributing $250, $100, $50 or what you can before midnight tomorrow?Your support will tell the press and political pundits that I am a strong, resilient Democrat ready to stand up to the radical agenda Republicans are trying to force on middle-class families.

Wu's camp won't say what the seven-term lawmaker's fundraising goal is for the period that closes today, the first deadline of the 2012 election cycle. Sources have told WW a strong showing would put Wu in the $200,000 to $300,000 range on this fund-raising report. In previous election cycles, Wu has had that much cash on hand by April 1 of the year before the election.

In 2009, in the lead-up to his successful 2010 re-election, Wu raised $75,000 in his first quarter but had $300,000 in cash, FEC documents show.

In the prior election cycle, in 2007, Wu raised close to $100,000 in the first quarter, but had more than $500,000 in cash, according to FEC files.

Wu started this election cycle $60,000 in debt, making his goal (whatever it is) that much harder to reach. Wu also lost his campaign treasurer this year (along with several other staffers) before naming a temporary treasurer on Feb. 23, five days after WW first published a photo of Wu in a tiger costume that has come to symbolize the controversy swirling around Wu.