For a city with 40 gazillion food carts, Portland is severely lacking in the most quintessential of mobile food vendors: the ice cream truck. Some might argue that's because the city is cold and wet most of the year, but that's exactly the kind of defeatist attitude that keeps delicious cones of sunshine and butterfat from brightening our streets.

Thus, we were excited to read that one of the city's best purveyors of frozen treats, Fifty Licks, is finally opening an ice cream truck today.

Fifty Licks has been selling tubs of its small-batch ice cream through local businesses for three years now, popping up at the odd festival and event in the warmer months. But now it has a mobile home to call its own.

The truck will be housed at the Good Food Here pod at SE 43rd and Belmont, serving tastes of its locally-inspired flavors like Stumptown coffee, maple and bacon, and Slabtown whiskey to go.

Fifty Licks will also be at our Eat Mobile food cart festival on Saturday April 23rd. Tickets are still available, but they're being gobbled up fast.

Let us celebrate with '90s hip-hop: