Rogue Ales is teaming up with the Pearl District Neighborhood Association to eradicate a "massive urban blight" from Portland's Northwest neighborhood. Drunkenness? No. Try graffiti. The brewery has adopted two city blocks in the Pearl District (13th to 14th Streets between Flanders and Glisan and 10th and 11th Streets between Davis and Everett) and has already sent one team out to peel stickers, polish meters and scrub signs. Now they're pulling a Tom Sawyer on us—offering free beer to those who help with the efforts. Help them do their chores every Tuesday at 1 pm and stick around for a free ale tasting and distillery tour afterwards. And on Monday, Oct. 25 they'll be hosting a clean-up in the dark complete with glow in the dark goodies, starting at 5 pm.

So, if you hate graffiti and love beer (or love beer enough to set aside your views on graffiti) get scrubbing.

GO: Meet at the Rogue Distillery & Public House, 1339 NW Flanders, 222-5910. every Tuesday at 1 pm.