There's more to Eat Mobile than eating samples from 40 Portland food carts. The gathering of mobile kitchens is also the occasion for the sort-of-prestigious Carty Awards. While the first two Carty Awards came with awesome trophies, they have, until now, been of purely intangible value.

No longer: This year's winner will take home a seven-piece knife set from Shun Knives. And who decides which cart chef get the sharp toys? We brought in the best minds we could find:

Three Portland chefs (Adam Sappington of The Country Cat, Tommy Habetz of Bunk Sandwiches and Bunk Bar and  Naomi Pomeroy of Beast and Top Chef Masters), one New York chef (Seamus Mullen, formerly of Boqueria), one documentarian (VendrTV producer Daniel Delaney) and one national food critic (Time magazine columnist Josh Ozersky).

There are still a few Eat Mobile tickets available