Where does Dave Grohl look when he wants the best, the best, the best, the best music video? Why, Portland, of course!

OK, apologies for the terrible joke. But seriously, though: local director Daniel Fickle of Two Penguins Productions has been chosen to create a video for a song off Foo Fighters' new album Wasting Light (which comes out today). He was selected as part of the band's "This Video Sucks" fan contest, which sought directors  for each of the record's 11 track. Fickle was given the song "I Should Have Known" -- which has gotten some pre-release attention for being a "pseudo Nirvana reunion," as it is not only produced by Nevermind sound-craftsman Butch Vig but also features contributions from Krist Novoselic (it's also about losing loved ones to suicide, though Grohl insists it is not explicitly about Kurt Cobain) -- a meager budget and three weeks to shoot.

Two Penguins says the video depicts "the relationship between Leroy, an inchworm puppet, and his wife as they explore themes of metamorphosis, politics and corruption, lost love and limousines." It doesn't premiere until April 15 on Fuse, but according to the company's project manager James Strayer, "Dave Grohl loves it and says it reminds him of Michel Gondry." Which is pretty high praise, considering Gondry directed "Everlong," still the Foos' best-remembered video 14 years later.

For a taste of what you might expect, Two Penguins produced this clip for Weinland's "I'm Sure It Helps," off their 2009 album Breaks in the Sun: