It did not take the Democratic Party of Oregon long to try to turn Sunday's killing of Osama bin Laden into a money-maker. Here's the email DPO executive director Trent Lutz sent out to donors yesterday: ---

From: Trent Lutz Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 5:05 PMSubject: Building from hereI'm proud to be a Democrat right now, knowing that our President and the brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces made the world a little safer last night. The Democratic Party of Oregon joins the President in saluting their "professionalism, patriotism, and unparalleled courage."Last Saturday evening, at the Wayne Morse Dinner, we had the opportunity to gather with hundreds of Democrats, celebrate our shared vision, and talk about the work in front of us to win back Oregon and America in 2012.Democrats need to win in 2012 because we're the party that keeps America safe, fights for the rights of working people, and stands up for reproductive freedoms and the liberty of gays and lesbians. On Saturday night, we asked the attendees of the Wayne Morse Dinner to help us fund one additional field office in Oregon for 2012. The good news? We were able to get to 90% of our goal. We only have $1,000 more to raise before we are there ...Will you put us over the top with a contribution of $10, $15, or $25 today?Field offices make a huge difference for Democrats in political campaigns. In  2010, the Democratic Party of Oregon and coalition partners made over 300,000 door knocks and nearly half a million phone calls to put John Kitzhaber in the Governor's office, return our Congressional delegation to Washington, and hold onto the State Legislature.In 2012 we've got a real chance to turn the tables on the right wing in this country and move America forward. Every single field office that we can open in this next cycle increases our chances of victory for both statewide and local races--everything from U.S. Congressional races to county commissioners.We're so close to reaching our goal of adding an extra field office for this next cycle. Thank you for your help.Thank you for everything you do to help move this movement forward.Sincerely,Trent LutzExecutive Director