The Oregon Sustainability Center moved closer to reality today with the release of the final schematic design for the proposed "net-zero" structure, which is supposed to generate as much electricity as it consumes and use only the water that falls on its roof and grounds. The project, most of which will be financed by the Oregon University System and the City of Portland, will be built at Southwest 4th Avenue and Montgomery Street.

The Portland Development Commission, the city agency charged with bringing the project to reality, also produced a reduced price tag—$59.3 million, down from about $65 million when WW published a cover story about the project last November. Both numbers are preliminary but the newer number is more certain because it is based on a more precise design.

There will be an open house and public comment opportunity on May 11 at 6 pm at the AIA Center for Architecture, located at 403 NW 11th Ave.