Mayor Sam Adams released his proposed budget Tuesday. And at a press conference to announce the $400 million-plus package, he touted new efforts to improve services for the homeless, Portland's struggling secondary students and residents who live east of 82nd Avenue.

Last year, when city bureaus faced deeper cuts, Adams took the budget knife to his own office budget, eliminating several positions. This week, he filled two vacancies created by the departure of Roy Kaufmann—Adams' former communications director, who took a job with the Portland Office of Emergency Management in March, then left the city altogether shortly thereafter—and Kimberly Schneider Branam, who moved to Portland Development Commission.

Now seemed like a good time to examine Adams' office budget and the salaries of his 25 current employees plus his own. (For reference, last year's list of Adams' 25 employees is here.) According to Portland's human resources office, Adams' staffers make the following salaries: