The out-of-town verdicts keeps coming in tonight for projects filmed in Portland, and this time, it's a thumbs up: Several media outlets say NBC has greenlit the fairy-tale cop show Grimm for its fall lineup. 

Early reports cite sources inside the Peacock offices saying NBC has ordered episodes of the show, which becomes the third TV series—and the first on a major broadcast network—currently shooting in Portland, after Leverage and Portlandia. (Maybe we can retire "Put a bird on it" for "Put a gnome in cuffs"...or something. C'mon, man—it's late.) NBC makes its official announcement at its upfronts Sunday.

Local talent on the show is engaged in exclamatory if tentative celebration, if PDX-to-LA actor Ayanna Bershire's Twitter feed is any indication.

The Grimm pickup news has been overshadowed nationally by word that NBC rejected the pilot for Wonder Woman, which has nothing to do with Portland but may be important to you if you are one of the people who was extremely concerned about the look of her costume. If so, good for you. It takes all kinds.