Our ongoing investigation of government spending on public relations continues with a new local public agency added to the list: the Port of Portland.

The Port is the eighth public agency we've surveyed to find out how many PR personnel they employ and how much money goes toward their salaries. Our list includes only those public employees directly involved in passing information to the press and the public.

We found the Port employs seven full-time PR people at an annual cost of $545,984. Click here (PDF) for a complete rundown of the Port's PR employees and their salaries.

With the addition of the Port, the grand total of PR staffers for all eight local public agencies surveyed comes to 94 employees (including some part-timers) collecting $6,985,900 in salaries. That's an average salary of $74,318.

Check out tomorrow's print edition for more on how Portland government's PR machine shapes local news coverage.