A couple of weeks back I asked four of my current favorite musicians in Portland—well, five, actually (and I'm keeping the pressure on you for a bonus track, Laura Gibson!)—if they'd each like to cover a Bob Dylan tune for a hypothetical WW/LocalCut EP/birthday present. And in typical Portland fashion, they all quickly said yes. Of course, everyone has their favorite Bob Dylan tunes, so their eagerness may have had more to do with that great songwriter—who turns 70 today—than a burning desire to help me make something cool. Still, we're humbled and very excited to present this four-song EP, Buckets of Rain, which features Kyle Morton, St. Even, And And And and Ghosties (which should get probably get extra props for offering a very distinct variation on the theme with its "Rainy Day Women #4 & 20"). The first 1,000 of you who head over to our bandcamp page can download the EP for free right now. After that, we'll see. Nothing lasts forever.

Happy birthday, Bob. Thanks for your songs, your healthy skepticism and your ever-present style.