Montreal duo Handsome Furs created a bit of a stir last week upon revealing the album art for its forthcoming record Sound Kapital. That art—a dark, moody photo of a tattooed naked woman standing beneath the East end of Portland's Fremont bridge—was taken by Portland director Scott Coffey. It's a still from the band's forthcoming video for first single "What About Us," a song which has been shooting around the Internets and is streaming/downloadable above. The soon-to-be-released video, Coffey promises, will absolutely feature more nudity. (More artful-but-perhaps-NSFW photos at the bottom of this post.)

Pictured: Director/photographer Scott Coffey

The album cover in question:
"I am so thrilled that folks finally get to see one image from the album artwork. I've been biting my tongue for it to come out. I am immensely proud that Sound Kapital features the work behind three brilliant photographers: Bradley Sellers, Scott Coffey and Matthew Niederhauser who shared our vision of expressing what it means to be human in this frequently oppressive modern landscape. The night images in the album were taken in America and the day images were taken in a very bizarro waterpark in downtown Beijing.

It's hard to be alive…but less so when there are people who make such beautiful images to share with us. You have to become your own heroes in this world, I think. Strength, fearlessness, utter rawness and absurdity are our human rights."
More photos from the Portland video shoot (all images courtesy of director/photographer Scott Coffey):