Attorney General John Kroger faced some tough days last week.

First, he endured another Oregonian column from former Bureau of Labor and Industries Commissioner Jack Roberts advising him to return to academia. 

Then on Friday, Kroger announced his chief criminal prosecutor, Sean Riddell, was stepping down after less than two years on the job. That move came in the wake of negative publicity of the Department of Justice's handling of an investigation of contracting practices at the Oregon Department of Justice.

The good news for Kroger, who faces re-election next year? The campaign cash continues to roll in, long before any potential opponent has surfaced.

Last week, the AG's re-election campaign collected $1,000 from AOL, $5,000 from Portland lender United Finance and another $5,000 from United Finance owner Richard Parker, Jr. 

Those checks bring Kroger's fundraising total for this year to nearly $240,000.