This is interesting: A map of cell phone calls and text messages, county-to-county, compiled by researchers at M.I.T. and I.B.M. using data from AT&T.

The maps offer some clue about migration patterns and social networks, as well as yet another way to kill 10 minutes on the internet today.

It turns out that Brooklynites make a lot of calls to Multnomah County—more than Austinites, but not so many as San Franciscans.

People in Yukon, Alaska, are also heavy callers to the Portland area. So if you think, as I do, that you've met an unusual number of Alaskans in town recently, maybe you aren't imagining things.

Portlanders, for their part, seem to spend most of their time calling people up and down the West coast. And there are some curious pockets of Portland-connection in flyover country.

For instance: Why are people in Portland on the phone so often with El Paso, Texas and Minehaha, South Dakota? Any ideas?

Check out the maps here and read a New York Times op-ed by one of the researchers here.