ANKA Gallery, a staple of the Everett Station Lofts, will be dark this First Thursday, closed indefinitely due to financial hardships.

According to gallery co-owners Anna Solcaniova-King and Graylan King, the gallery is in a restructuring phase with no more shows to be mounted in the Lofts.  The gallery could possibly relocate in the future, although details are sketchy.  Solcaniova-King says the closure is due to difficulties in selling enough art to pay the gallery's rent, as well as decreased foot traffic due to crime in the gallery's vicinity.  A fundraiser held last month as a last-ditch effort to keep ANKA open was not enough to save the gallery. 

The Everett Station Lofts, a petrie dish of artistic experimentation, has long been curatorially anchored by a gallery that stood out above the rest.  For awhile, that role was filled by the Gavin Shettler Gallery, then by Soundvision, Field, Tilt, Rake, and Igloo.  ANKA (which is in the same space as Rake once was) has fit the bill in recent years, and its closure will leave a void.  Hopefully, and if history repeats itself, that void will be filled by another up-and-coming gallery with curatorial legs and the ability to generate buzz at the intersection of the aesthetic and the social.