Seattle restaurant 5 Spot is apparently known for its regularly changing special menu. Its previous "Tornado Alley" themed menu copped plenty of flack for (figurative, at least) lack of taste.

Last month came news that the next theme would be "Portland", and said menu now appears to be out.

So what does Portland taste like? Heavily deep-fried, apparently, which sounds about right. But only one bacon dish? None on the breakfast menu? None on the dessert menu? That seems an unforgivable oversight. Here's the full menu:

FOREST TO TABLE RISOTTO CAKES 6.75 With Oyster mushrooms, onion, parmesan & goat cheese. Pan fried & served with mixed marinated peppers. ROSE CITY SALAD 7.25 A blossom of lettuce hobnobs with grilled apricots, Oregonzola Bleu cheese & candied hazelnuts tossed in a poppy seed vinaigrette. BRINDISI MEETS BURNSIDE 8.50 Aged Brindisi Fontina from Willamette Valley Cheese Co. breaded in panko & pan-griddled. Served with summer tomato relish & baguette. CARTOPIA WAFFLE 7.50 Portland, the home of more than 500 food carts is inspiration for our jalapeno-cornbread waffle united with Jumpin' Joe's bacon jam & quick fried poached egg. BREWTOPIO-RINGS 5.75 Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale battered Walla Walla sweet onion rings served with Tutto Calabria pepper aioli. LARGECOLIN THE HAZELNUT STUFFED CHICKEN 15.75 Portlandia poultry star Colin stuffed with goat cheese, spinach & hazelnuts on a bed of Willamette Valley Fontina polenta, local grilled asparagus & raspberry balsamic redux. MARY'S CLUB "STRIP" STEAK 19.508 oz. N.Y. Strip steak with Ransom Spirit's Whipper Snapper Oregon Whiskey-brown sugar glaze and finished with Oregonzola bleu butter. Accessorized for the stage with g-string beans & flannel fries. LAMBRETTA LAMB SKEWERS 16.50Skewered marinated lamb scoots across the grill and is served with heirloom tomato-mint salad, roast fingerling potatoes & hazelnut romesco. CRAB BOWL CRAB CAKE PUTTANESCA 17.50 Jumbo lump Dungeness crab cake dipped in buttermilk, pan-fried & served with grilled asparagus, fingerling potatoes & a "saucy" Puttanesca. P-TOWN CHICK-P SANDWICH 11.75 Cumin & garlic spiked crispy chick pea sandwich topped with carrot-scallion slaw on toasty Ciabatta with citrus mayonnaise. Served with flannel fries. PORTLANDIA BREAKFASTS PINE STATE FRIED CHCIKEN-N-BISCUIT 9.75 A jumbo biscuit split & stacked with a buttermilk fried chicken thigh, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar, an over-hard egg, Joe's bacon jam & sausage gravy. CRATER LAKE CAKES 7.75Three milk & yogurt pancakes studded with blackberries and topped with Adam's toothsome caramel & a candied hazelnut butterball. ARELETA LIBRARY HASH 10.25 Inspired by the bakery at the library, it's a hash of braised brisket, poblano peppers, parmesan cheese & red potatoes. Topped with two eggs any style & served with fancy toast. PORTLANDIA LUNCHES THE ORIGINAL TUNA MELT 10.50 Open faced toasted sourdough bread layered with oil poached fresh Albacore tuna balsamic onions, Granny Smith apples & pickles. Topped with Tillamook Sharp Cheddar & served with a poppy seed vinaigrette dressed salad. B3LT 10.75 B to the 3rd power beer battered & fried bacon, butter leaf and summer tomato sandwich with bacon jam & Tutto Calabria pepper aioli. Served with a poppy seed vinaigrette dressed salad. PORTLANDIA DESSERTS YAMHILL COUNTY CROSTATA 5.50 Sweetened whole wheat pastry filled with seasonal stone fruit & served warm with whipped cream. BROWN BUTTER HAZELNUT CAKE 6.50 Individual flourless cake with boozy Cofia hazelnut vodka macerated berries & fresh whipped cream.